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Worldwide & International Systems
Worldwide & International Systems

Global Software both in terms of multi-lingual, multi-currency and universal reach

Software written by Advance IT can work across the globe and in multiple languages. The work we do for multinationals operates across their organisation using secure network services which can be their own infrastructure or provided for them by Advance IT.

A lot of the Advance IT software is designed to be international:

  • Software can be multilingual using language tools specifically for designed for having text in different languages.
  • Financial data can be held and processed multi-currency with instant conversion rates.

Advance IT can offer software which can switch different languages and currency.

Contact us to find out more about our worldwide and international systems.

Key Features:

  • Off the shelf solution
  • Our own System so ready to adapt
  • Designed specifically for you international needs
  • Easy for anyone to maintain
  • Links into live exchange rates

Key Benefits:

  • Software ready to link up
  • Our own code so easy to adapt
  • Gives a professional look and branding to software
  • Reduces the cost and time to create the software
  • Saves money

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