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Software Integration
Software Integration

Software and database integration

Software Integration is an umbrella term that covers many aspects of software. Put simply, it enables software applications to talk in the same language. Software in the Cloud, and Smartphone apps all require integrating with back-end systems for reporting etc.

However, integrating software is not a new phenomenon, and businesses can gain increased productivity, and streamlined workflows by making their existing software work more efficiently.

How do software integrations benefit my business?

Following are examples where we have provided benefits to our clients, which will be familiar requirements for most businesses.

  • Replacing manual processes to copy data from one system to another with automated routines. This reduces huge amounts of time, and the possibility of errors being introduced as part of the process
  • Creating advanced reports by merging information from many Proprietary databases. Automatically created consolidated reports provide much richer information that not only saves time in generating the data, but more visibility across the business
  • Processing automatic emails from legacy systems to provide immediate awareness of stock level warnings.
  • Automatically emailing monthly reports to clients
  • Central Login portal. Provides a single point of authentication, and quick access to all of your systems

Why Choose Us?

Advance IT Group have had a long history of integrating software, and also creating bespoke systems on top of this. We are proficient with many Programming languages, Environments, and with all recent technologies - REST API's, SOAP etc. Also, our team of developers understands many popular, and proprietary databases and data stores, e.g. MySQL, MSSQL, SqlLite, MS Access.

Is Software Integration the best option for me?

Many companies have already built up advanced knowledge of their existing software, and making wholesale changes to the day to day workings of staff could affect productivity. Therefore, streamlining your software by integrating existing systems together, can be a much more cost effective solution.

Therefore, streamlining your software by integrating existing systems together, can be a much more cost effective solution.

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Contact us to find out more about how we can help with your software and database integration.

Key Features:

  • Work directly with a client
  • Proven integration experience
  • Reduce double handling of data entry
  • Keep data consistent between systems
  • Share information with other systems
  • Output and share your performance and KPI data
  • Reduce time spent compiling reports
  • Increase client confidence

Key Technologies:

  • REST and SOAP APIs
  • JSON and XML formats
  • HTTP(S), IMAP, POP, FTP protocols
  • Databases
  • Legacy systems
  • Consolidated Reporting

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