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Advance IT has a wealth of experience in a range of database systems

We work with a variety of different databases systems for organisation such as CRMs, Business Systems, Membership databases, Recruitment, Document control etc. These are in a variety of database technologies.

We can assist you in anyway with your databases:

  • Updating
  • New systems
  • Supporting
  • Integration
  • Data Cleansing Services
  • Migrating to newer systems
  • Creating Management Information
  • Reports and graphs
  • Instant alerts of data exceptions
  • Training

Contact us to find out more about our database services.

Key Features:

  • Wealth of Business experience
  • Wide range of database technology
  • Systems available off the shelf
  • Can easily be altered and added to
  • Help you understand your database
  • All sorts of reporting, KPIs and analysis tools
  • Experts at data migrating and upgrading

Key Benefits:

  • Our diverse expertise can be applied to any business sector
  • Our technical team provide the skills to get inside pretty well any database
  • We can offer pre-existing database systems to save cost and time
  • We will tailor them to your specific data needs
  • Database support from experts will save you time when fighting data
  • Create and Pre-save reports to look at the Data in a meaningful way
  • Save time by letting our software handle data migration for you

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