Write Software

Write Software
Advance IT GUARANTEES the software it creates

We write software

We have been writing software for organisations since 1990.

Our UK designers have many years of experience at writing software.

We live and breathe software but we also understand what people want from software.

Some programmers forget that software is a tool that should assist the user not hinder them. At Advance IT we take time to understand how the software can best improve a users efficiency and effective working to improve your productivity.

We talk to you until we fully understand what you need, we can then understand how the software should be designed to beast fit those needs.

That’s why Advance IT GUARANTEES the software it creates, Advance IT will look after your software for LIFE.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

At Advance IT Group, our development team have decades of experience of designing, developing and implementing customer solutions across all the major traditional platforms, Windows and Mac OSX in addition to mobile devices which run iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. According to your needs, we can offer either traditional software development, resulting in an application you run on the computer or mobile device, or for a truly "run anywhere" solution, we can produce a web based solution, even if its just used internally within your organisation.

Despite the rise of the Web, traditional Windows and MacOSX development is still in strong demand.

Internet and Intranet (a website which is only used internally to your organisation) development has exploded over the last decade, but we still find that Traditional PC or Mac OSX development is in strong demand. Within Advance IT Group, we use a number of languages, such as Delphi, C / C++ and C# so if you have an existing system that need maintaining or extending, we're well placed to help. For new development we have a number of cross platform tools which make desktop development efficient when you need to target multiple platforms.

At the last count the Advance IT Group team has over 120 years collective software development experience!

Regardless of whether its a 'traditional' application, a cutting edge website or a native mobile application (or indeed a solution across all of them), Advance IT Group can offer full life cycle management from initial design, development, testing, implementation and user training, whilst leveraging our developers expertise and decades of experience.

We write software. You get the solution you want. Contact us now to speak to one of our consultants.

Key Technologies:

  • Windows 32/64 bit API
  • Mac OSX
  • iOS (iPhone / iPad)
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Paradox / FireDAC / mySQL / MSSQL
  • Linux Webservers (Apache)

Key Languages:

  • PHP / Ajax / Javascript
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Delphi
  • C / C++
  • C#
  • SQL (mySQL / MSSQL / sqlite)
  • Bash Scripting

We Write Software

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