Web Design

Improve your existing website
Improve your existing website

Web trends and technology is ever changing, don’t get left behind

The improvements to technology, visual designs and how users interact on a website never stops, there is always something “new” round the corner.

Advance IT can offer a full design and development service to bring your ageing website up to date with modern web trends.

Advance IT Group's website design and development services include:

Bespoke Database Integration

Already have an office database? Why note integrate your existing client or product database with your website to share information.

SMS Text Service

Inform your clients of appointments, deliveries and offers via a mobile phone text message.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Upgrade your hosting to SSL, this will give your visitors confidence in browsing your website on a secure and encrypted hosting platform as well as helping you improve on search engine rankings.

As well as improvements to how your website looks it is important to know search engines such as Google change how websites rank on search engine result pages, our advisors can offer FREE advice on where improvements can be made to help you get up search engines.

Contact us to find out more about upgrading your existing website.

Key Features:

  • Modern web design trends and techniques
  • Latest SEO implementations
  • Integrate with office database
  • Build in automated notifications
  • Provide secure areas within your website

Key Benefits:

  • Updated design to keep content looking fresh
  • Stops you from falling behind in search engine result pages
  • Push office data to your website
  • Inform customers of appointments or deliveries
  • Give confidence to your vistors and existing customers

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