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Web Design

Website design to make you stand out

What is your web site? It’s where the world looks for you, your business, your products and the services you offer. From start-ups on the first day, to multi-national global enterprises it's where competition starts in the digital world of today.

Basically whatever size your organisation you are, we at Advance IT will work with you to understand your objectives and formulate it into a game plan for success.

We feel the expertise at Advance IT can bringing true intelligence to your website and help you develop your long-term online presence. Finding the right people to work with can be a challenge, the people who will help you define what you want, what you need, what you can afford and over what time scale are tough questions and demands partners who have confidence in each other.

Internet development understandably is an area which is undergoing constant change, update and reinvention. We primarily write websites using the industry standard Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP platform, using the latest PHP frameworks and design methodologies.

Integration to databases, apps, mobile apps and back office systems are a natural pathway for any website. Innovation never stands still so we at Advance IT don’t, you can’t and your competition certainly won’t. We work hard to place our partners at the cutting edge of the competitive curve. This takes long-term sustained investment and effort; it puts your customers at the centre of all our thinking.

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