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Forms on your mobile and tablet
Forms on your mobile and tablet

Smartphones and tablets are an ideal tool for both collecting and accessing data using electronic Forms and Mobile Apps

Lower cost and improving Wi-Fi communications means more of your work force can benefit from using smartphones and tablets. Staff are more productive, they can communicate better, get up to date information and provide live feedback.

But more importantly is how Mobile App technology is giving management vital information LIVE from the field.

Our Forms and Mobile Apps for business are just the tip of a sophisticated software system we provide as the “backend” that delivers, in real time the information you need to make key decisions and take vital action ahead of your competition.

This backend software is a true management tool and features:

  • KPIs
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Exception Reporting
  • Custom reports and graphs
  • Warnings
  • Alerts via email and SMS

And this is in addition to the Control Panel which gives you and your IT comprehensive control of your Mobile Apps, Users, Security Levels etc.

We can help you take advantage of the smartphone and tablet explosion with a custom application tailored to your exact requirements. We also offer “off the shelf” mobile apps with backend software such as SiteTIDY and LONEALERT.

Contact us to find out more about how forms on mobile and tablets can benefit your organisation.

Key Features:

  • Mobile App with backend Management software
  • Mobile App both for access to data and gathering data
  • Wide range of tools within the backend software
  • Control Panel for your Mobile App
  • Off the shelf Mobile Apps or bespoke
  • Mobile Apps for all smartphone & tablet platforms
  • Integration with existing software
  • Both app and web side delivery
  • Real time updating of information
  • 15 years software experience

Key Benefits:

  • Our Solutions includes more than just the Mobile App
  • Electronic forms reduce errors and lost information
  • Remote workers can access up to the minute information – data mobilise your workforce
  • Backend Software for Business Management and Mobile App Control
  • Mobile Apps for Multiple devices means choose the device that suits you and your workforce
  • Our Mobile Apps and electronic forms can integrate with existing systems
  • Software written for the Cloud as well as Mobile giving access for more users
  • Sophisticated communications software means data is live to and from device
  • We can guarantee your Mobile App will work because we have more experience

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