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Advance IT Group Ltd Presents Team Work Smart

Tuesday 5th July, Advance IT sent its new product out onto the market, presenting Team Work Smart proudly to multiple businesses. The software that has been developed by our in house team is designed to make your life easier, using a group of integrated modules or bricks.

Stewart Braznell, Managing Director of Advance IT Group Ltd, presented the product to the businesses, including AM Griffiths & Son Ltd who are working in association with Advance IT Group to launch Team Work Smart into the construction sector. The day included two presentation sessions, at our Head Office in Old Hill, with businesses arriving from all over the West Midlands. The visitors enjoyed a presentation on Advance IT Group, AM Griffiths & Sons Ltd and Team Work Smarts’ foundations, explaining who we are and what we do. The benefits to their business were also clearly outlined.

Later on, Natasha White showed the Team Work Smart product in action, explaining how the product benefits construction workers and businesses by solving the problem of the time-consuming nature via paperwork. Using Team Work Smart, everyone can be alerted of hazards on construction sites immediately, ensuring they get resolved quickly than the traditional paper trail.

Team Work Smart is customizable to reflect your needs and process to get going, find out more on how Team Work Smart can benefit you at

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