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Team Smart Planner
Team Smart Planner

Intelligent planning for your workforce

Imagine being able to give all staff/fieldworkers and even a client, access to a real- time, dynamic job diary. With Team Smart Planner, you can.

Stand-alone or sharing information directly with the Central Asset Database, Team Smart Planner is an online day/week-to-view diary.

Team Smart Planner provides a user defined skills matrix to calculate the most suitable fieldworker to attend an appointment. This suggestion is based on required skill set, distance and availability factors.

It is a suggestion though – the operator makes the final decision based on human consideration.

As jobs are booked in, utilisation gauges fill as a visual indicator, identifying fieldworker’s current job status and available capacity.

Colour coding identifies different areas of the business. Job information can be viewed by geographic location or fieldworker. This enables the operator to make correct decisions e.g. emergency or service. The mapping screen shows the location of each property and fieldworker, also other local properties requiring a visit. Should a property have a warning, such as parts on order against it in the Central Asset Database, this is pulled through and displayed to the operator when booking work.

Other features include identifying fieldworker unavailability, holidays and sickness. Appointments scheduled to be attended by a fieldworker off sick are flagged.

Team Smart Planner has a range of benefits that help operators make the correct decisions. It improves fieldworkers utilisation and efficiency by reducing travel time. It improves inter-office communication and reduces missed appointments. Reduced fuel, travel costs and emissions equals smaller carbon footprint.

When linked with Team Smart Mobile it becomes even more powerful.

Call 0121 501 2288 or contact Advance IT Group for a quotation and brochures on our Team Smart Planner.

Key Features:

  • Reduces human error
  • Optimises your selection criteria
  • Instant recommendations
  • Online shared diary
  • Mapping screen showing job and fieldworker locations
  • Provides a range of choices
  • Options given but final selection is by operator
  • Client able to access

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Does not rely on operators knowledge
  • Prevents fieldworker double booking
  • Does not allow over-utilisation

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