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Team Smart Mobile
Team Smart Mobile

View and record real-time information on your phone

Team Smart Mobile is the PAMS module that takes the Central Asset Database to the fieldworker in real-time.

Fieldworkers can view the records for each job/property to see full details, e.g. what’s required and any details of access information. They are also advised of anything to be aware of such as large dog or potentially violent person, allowing suitable caution. The link into LONEALERT, our worker safety product from the Care Family is particularly appropriate in these situations.

Once the job is completed, the fieldworker can update the details and records on their handheld. These are then automatically synced back in to the Central Asset Database. Staff at the office know within seconds the exact status of completed work, including actions required e.g. parts that need ordering to complete the job if first time fix is not possible.

When coupled with the Smart Forms module, visit forms, inspection documents and warning notices can also be completed by the fieldworker and sent directly back to the Central Asset Database.

Managers/supervisors can use Team Smart Mobile whilst away from their desk to search and select any property from the Central Asset Database and view live details wherever and whenever they want.

Most importantly, Team Smart Mobile is designed to work in all circumstances, even without mobile signal. Every completed form, without fail is sent back to the database and the record updated.

No lost paperwork! No forgetting to make phone calls to report back!

If used in conjunction with Team Smart Planner the fieldworker can receive their work schedule (day/week/month) straight to their handheld. Any changes made back at the office for new/cancelled calls are automatically synced, so the operative is always on schedule.

Contact Advance IT Group to find out more about Team Smart Mobile.

Key Features:

  • Linked to powerful database
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Works without mobile signal
  • Real time information
  • Integrates with other PAMS modules
  • Data is held securely

Key Benefits:

  • Fast on site decision making
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • No lost paperwork
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Minimises phone calls

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