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One of the greatest challenges and cause of lost profit to organisations who carry out work in domestic properties is gaining first time access. Customers don’t always appreciate your need to gain access first time.

Sure Access helps address this issue and is amazingly simple. We don’t claim that it will provide 100% access to properties, but do know that it will improve access rates. One Sure Access client has measured the effect it had and first time access rates were actually improved by 200%.

Prior to the scheduled visit, usually the night before, Sure Access automatically extracts the next days appointments from the Central Asset Database. It then calls or sends an SMS message to each customer, as a firm reminder of the appointment. It also provides an opportunity for the customer to cancel or re-schedule automatically reducing the number of wasted appointments.

Sure Access goes further when coupled with Team Smart Mobile.

For example, as a fieldworker works through their days calls and time slots, they can send a call or SMS message to their next set of visits, advising the customer they are on their way. this encourages access, but also offers excellent customer service – the customer feels able to pop out without having to wait around for fear of missing the appointment.

The customers sense of security is improved through the simple addition of the fieldworkers name and a password. Customers can confirm fieldworker’s identity without even having to open the door.

Therefore it is particularly beneficial when dealing with elderly or vulnerable customers.

Contact Advance IT Group to find out more about Sure Access.

Key Features:

As LONEALERT Man Down Plus:

  • Easily remind customers of their appointment
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Automatically inform customer via text message
  • Automatically inform customer via phone call
  • Receive notification of cancelled and re-arranged appointments
  • Standardisation of message to client

Key Benefits:

  • Improve first time access rates
  • Do away with lost profit due to forgotten appointments
  • Re-utilise cancelled appointment spots
  • Saves time
  • Saves money

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