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Smart Forms
Smart Forms

Get your "on-site" forms back instantly, 100% correct

By its very nature, property maintenance carries with it a host of reporting requirements.

This breeds problems: getting forms back to the office, getting them entered onto a system, tracing lost forms, checking and auditing, re-doing incomplete forms, illegible hand-writing.

Smart Forms are our proven solution to resolve these issues.

Our Smart Forms are available on smart phone, tablet and ruggedised equipment. smart phones now cost little more than standard phones, making this extremely cost effective.

We take your existing forms which are installed remotely onto your fieldworker’s handhelds.

These are populated with information from the Central Asset Database. The fieldworker completes the rest of the form. This is done through free-type fields, allowing accurate information and pre-select drop-downs, enabling managers to identify trends. Customer’s signatures can be gained digitally.

Completing Smart Forms removes a follow-on administration task for each form. It allows a manager as much control over form completion as if they were attending every visit themselves. By using validation, forms can only be submitted if they are correct.

Once complete, the Smart Forms is immediately sent to the Central Asset Database. If certain fields have been changed, these can be added to a pending list, for a manager to approve before they are marked complete.

Follow-on actions are also created upon form completion e.g. parts requisitions. If the fieldworker is out of mobile signal, the Smart Forms is saved and then sent when signal is next available.

Most existing forms are suitable for digitising.

Contact us to find out more about Smart Forms.

Key Features:

  • Forms no longer need printing
  • No re-entry of information
  • Forms have to be correct to be submitted
  • Required fields force completion
  • Uses modern technology
  • Utilises your existing forms

Key Benefits:

  • No lost forms
  • All forms entered into system
  • Forms can easily be audited
  • No revisits to complete
  • Ensures compliance
  • Saves time
  • Saves money

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