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Job information sharing in real-time

The Integration module connects PAMS to other IT systems.

Using EDI (Electronic Data Interface), Advance IT’s proven experience gives best value system integration or interfacing to standard packages, such as Northgate, Sage, Excel, MS Access and many others.

The Integration module handles various aspects of asset contracts including finance information for job costs, parts, timesheets and invoicing.

It electronically links to your clients as well, for new jobs, job status, payment application and status reporting.

It is important to note that YOU choose if information is shared, and if so, what. The principle benefit of a fully integrated PAMS system to a client/contractor relationship is the mutual efficiencies it brings.

All jobs can be booked in by the client and injected directly into PAMS, in real-time. This is then either automatically booked in an available visit slot, or marked as pending. Once completed, the job report, information and updated details are then squirted securely back into your clients system.

Should new properties, assets, or tenant details alter, this is automatically updated in all systems, whoever makes the change. This reduces duplication of data entry and ensures information is consistent.

The client is also able to access (certain) reports and data themselves, without involving your workforce.

Suitable control checks, balances and reporting mechanisms are built in to these processes as part of the integration.

If the owner of PAMS requires it, when combined with Customised Reports, all performance information can be shared seamlessly with the client.

Contact us to find out more about our Integration module.

Key Features:

  • Work directly with a client
  • Proven integration experience
  • Reduce double handling of data entry
  • Keep data consistent between systems
  • Share PAMS information with other systems
  • Output and share your performance and KPI data
  • Reduce time spent compiling reports
  • Increase client confidence

Key Benefits:

  • Mutual efficiencies achieved
  • Provide evidence of performance
  • Ensure reputation
  • Resolve problems
  • Save admin time
  • Build better relationship with clients
  • Save time
  • Save money

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