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Customised Reports
Customised Reports

Powerful reporting tailor made to your requirements

The PAMS system makes the day to day running and maintenance of property assets as seamless and fluid as possible. The Customised Reports module allows performance trends to be identified and longer term management and strategic decisions to be made.

Although reports are already available within the Central Asset Database to help achieve performance on a daily basis, the Customised Reports module provides powerful information to aid management decisions.

It is all well and good having a treasure trove of information in PAMS. The benefit is muted however, when a manager has to spend hours or days trawling through data to produce each report.

The Customised Reports module enables extremely powerful reports to be created and customised to either your exact specifications or to reporting formats required by the client. Customised Reports fully understands that information requests can be very specific and often changeable. ‘000’s of jobs and calls can be interrogated in a matter of seconds to provide executive summaries with the ability to drill down into detailed information. Problem areas can be selected, with a single click providing a list of all the issues, so remedial action can be taken.

Customised Reports are all in the format and style you, or client requests.

Example Customised Reports Include:

  • KPI reports
  • Deficiency Reports
  • Financial
  • Audit
  • Compliance o Performance

If the owner of PAMS requires it, when combined with Integration, all reports and performance information can be shared seamlessly with the client.

Clients reporting requirements can change, or they might require a complex one off report. Customised Reports allows this to be provided for.

Contact us to find out more about our Customised Reports module.

Key Features:

  • Get exactly the information you want. No concessions.
  • Score and track performance
  • View data on problem areas immediately
  • Output and share your performance and KPI data
  • Measure against audit and compliance

Key Benefits:

  • Provide evidence of performance
  • Review powerful information to aid management decisions
  • Ensure reputation
  • Resolve problem areas fast
  • Be ready with evidence/facts when required
  • Save time
  • Save money

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