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Central Asset Database
Central Asset Database

Software to save money and improve efficiency

Running and maintaining a portfolio of properties, along with their assets is very challenging.

PAMS, or to give it its full title, Property Asset Maintenance Software from Advance IT Group has a 15 year pedigree, developed across multiple trades, including the tightly regulated gas industry.

As the diagram above shows, PAMS is a series of modules, all of which link into the powerful Central Asset Database. It can handle all aspects of a maintenance contract easily, comprehensively, and more importantly for the day to day operator, simply.

The Central Asset Database houses ALL of your property, asset, job and costing information. From three simple screens, it manages the full life cycle: job entry and history, warning notices, real time performance and invoicing.

The Central Asset Database can be heavily customised to meet the differing demands of each client. An example of this would be Partnering Contracts using Open book Accounting.

Status bars using indicators show current performance and areas needing urgent attention. One click operation allows data to be extracted e.g. properties with outstanding works.

For speed of allocating planned work, scheduled maintenance can be block booked. Staff manning customer service desks benefit from extremely quick operation. Whilst taking a maintenance call, the property details can be called up, details of the job taken and a fieldworker allocated. To increase efficiency, warning flags, such as asbestos survey information, potentially violent person and access information are immediately available.

All asset information and job history is viewable and invoices for a whole months work can be run in 30 seconds. Included is a standard reporting suite.

Standing alone, the Central Asset Database is a very powerful tool capable of managing a property portfolio. When combined with the other modules, it becomes even more powerful.

Contact us to find out more about our Central Asset Database solution.

Key Features:

  • Used by companies of all sizes, from SME to energy Giants
  • Designed to your needs
  • Can handle multi-trades
  • Simple user entry, designed for speed of operation
  • Modular – use what you need
  • Supports Partnering Contracts and Open book
  • Visual, prominent status reports

Key Benefits:

  • Low staged capital cost
  • Fast reliable operation and increased contract efficiency
  • Measure and evidence compliance
  • Reduces admin time
  • Saves time
  • Saves money

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