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Management Family - Software for Managing the Maintenance, Repair and Installation of any asset in any trade

Software to manage your business and performance

Most businesses operations are very fast moving, with operational tasks and challenges arising on a daily basis. Information is passed through an organisation rapidly and decisions are made based on this information.

Missing, incorrect or inaccurate data can be costly – in certain industries, illegal.

It is very difficult for managers and directors to have immediate access to performance data. Often word of mouth is the only source available to gain any sort of picture of the situation at that instant. This can lead to minor issues being prioritised over more major problems. Slow burning errors or concerns might never be identified in this fashion.

Our Management Family of products have been developed and designed to help you bring the day to day operation of your business or contract under control.

It does this by providing job relevant tools to each area of an organisation, each linked to the next so information is available where and when it needs to be, contextual or relevant data is easily accessed and audits and history are created for each action.

Accurate reports and status will be made available, in real-time. The information is there to act pro-actively to prevent problems.

With our Management Family’s products helping, field staff are where they need to be at the right time. Office staff know the picture out on the ground and what needs to be done for success. Managers have the data to monitor and influence performance immediately, in the short and longer term. Directors and strategic decision makers can view executive and detailed information on any element of the business.

Our Management Family allows an organisation to own their job or contract and drive it to profitability, not be driven and consumed by it.

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