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SiteTIDY is a complete ‘stand alone’ package for managing non-conformities on site. It does not depend on any other system. It is a mobile based app and web-based management system, designed and specified by the construction industry to streamline and strengthen Non Conformance Reporting (NCR).

To report an NCR, simple select a new form, take a photo of the incident and complete the drop down boxes. Our simple to use red and yellow card scheme allows priorities to be set and automatically creates deadlines. The form is automatically logged on the back office system and emailed to relevant parties.

The whole process of logging, reporting, evidencing and notifying an NCR takes less than 2 minutes from start to completion, giving a full audit trail. Optionally, an SMS notification can also be sent out.

The operator can also view all outstanding, overdue and pending NCR’s on site from his handset. Managing non-conformities on site has never been easier.

Non actioned NCR’s that past deadlines are marked as overdue and reminders are automatically sent. When an NCR is actioned by the offender, it is marked ‘pending’ allowing the operator to verify completion.

SiteTIDY’s most powerful feature is the web-based back office system allowing unlimited access anywhere. An admin area, a dashboard providing an executive view of the NCR data and a comprehensive reporting suite. Site and sub-contractor performance and KPI’s can be monitored in real-time.

An intuitive traffic light system gives a visual indication of NCR status and comprehensive graphs and reports allow real-time data to be exported and emailed.

SiteTIDY is available 24/7, is self-managed and can be set up in just hours with minimal user training due to comprehensive on-board help guides and tips.

Try the the SiteTidy App on your device

Click here for more information on the Site Tidy App
Click here for more information on the Site Tidy App
Click here for more information on the Site Tidy App

Contact us to find out more about SiteTIDY App and ensure you can manage non-conformities on site.

Key Features:

  • Mobile based app for capture of Non Conformance Report (NCR) from site
  • Instant recording, logging and notification of NCR to contractor, client etc
  • Assign and manage deadlines
  • On site user can view and action outstanding/pending/complete NCR’s
  • Purpose designed back office system enables reporting and management of NCR’s
  • Intuitive red/yellow card priority / importance/urgency mechanism
  • Visual reports with striking graphics and management dashboard
  • Instantly recognisable traffic light status indicator

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines the process of managing and reporting site NCR’s
  • Speeds up and improves rectification of NCR’s
  • Simple to use
  • Share real-time information with office & site
  • Early alerts of non-compliance to all parties
  • Saves time and money

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