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Online Sales Forecaster
Online Sales Forecaster

Global real-time sales information

Online Sales Forecaster is a powerful web-based tool that provides real-time sales information as an interactive dashboard.

Using your existing accounting software, territory and sales structure, Online Sales Forecaster pulls real-time loss/credit/discount- adjusted sales data and publishes it on a secure web interface.

The software allows you to track individual, team and company sales performance against set budgets, historical YTD data and any other required criteria. Multi-currency/lingual it’s ideal for cross-border organisations.

It’s intelligent forecasting option also extrapolates data based on YTD and prior year to provide an educated full year forecast.

Secure territory curtaining ensures that sales and financial data is only viewed by authorised persons.

Sales Managers can have access to the entire company sales performance, with the ability to drill down through the hierarchy to each individual account manager/sales person/reseller.

Area Managers can view figures for their region, and compare against other regions in the territory.

Account Managers can view both their own sales performance as revenue/margin and against budget as well as that of each individual account that they manage. Optionally, resellers can be granted access to allow them to monitor their own sales performance against set targets.

Updated minute by minute, the Online Sales Forecaster will allow you to make business decisions based on real and factual sales data.

Particularly suitable for Account Managers, Area Managers and Sales Directors who wish to:

  • Identify key accounts
  • Review poorly performing accounts
  • Immediate access to up- to-date sales figures
  • Measure company performance against budget
  • Reward success

Contact us to find out more about Online Sales Forecaster.

Key Features:

  • Easily measure against budgets and forecasts
  • Provide one point of reference for all sales figures
  • Control access to sensitive information
  • Web based for easy delivery and installation
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Bring geographically diverse sales networks together

Key Benefits:

  • Enables immediate action to be taken
  • Allows accurate figures to be discussed
  • Saves time communicating sales and pipeline information
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduces costs

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