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Appointment Reminder
Appointment Reminder

Save money by reminding people to keep appointments

Appointment Reminder is a simple and cost-effective web- based tool for any business.

Doctors, Hair & Beauty, Delivery Drivers, Service Engineers, Health Visitors, all waste time and money through un-kept appointments.

Appointment Reminder has already achieved success in circumstances where home access is vital e.g. gas servicing and will immediately make your business more productive.

As appointments are made, enter the customer name and phone number into AppointmentREMINDER. Choose when you want the reminder to go out, e.g. just before Coronation Street or Eastenders. Set it to be either a text message or phone call.

Click Save and Forget about it. If you’ve had a busy day, just add them later on.

Sit Back, Relax

At the correct time, Appointment Reminder will send the text or make the call, conveniently reminding your customer of their forthcoming appointment. By phone, your client can confirm, cancel or request a call.

To check appointments Simply log into Appointment Reminder, see which appointments are confirmed and which slots are now available due to cancellations.

Need to confirm a large number of appointments on a daily basis?

You can upload via a spreadsheet. Appointment Reminder can even be integrated into your current scheduling software so appointments are automatically uploaded.

Coupled with our ETA product, field based staff can send a notification to their next set of appointments, advising that they are on their way. Including a password and the staff members name gives the customer a sense of security when answering the door.

Contact us to find out more about our Appoinment Reminder system.

Key Features:

  • Web-based so simple to set up and access
  • Easy to use
  • Very low capital outlay
  • Automatically informs you via text message
  • Automatically informs you via phone call
  • Receive notification of cancelled and rearranged appointments
  • Standardisation of message
  • Communicates promotional offers to your customers

Key Benefits:

  • Improve appointment attendance
  • Increase access on home visits & deliveries
  • Do away with the awkwardness of “forgotten” appointments
  • Enables you to utilise cancelled appointment slots
  • Saving time
  • Saving money

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