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We have many years of experience, long term customer relationships and designs winning both national UK and local West Midlands awards giving you independent assurance of customer satisfaction, value for money and a job well done.

We have invested heavily in our software and our IT infrastructures, combined with the services of partners who are leaders in their respective fields, to deliver a quality of service, nationally and internationally, for products created and supplied by Advance IT Group Limited to our clients around the globe.

Advance IT has 4 Product ranges of software off the shelf.

The difference with our software products is we can guarantee they’ll work for you. Our software products are reflexible and adapt to your needs NOT the other way round as we see so often from other software providers.

There’s a product in our range for the parts of your organisation that need help NOW. Pick up the phone and call Advance IT and tell us your problem, we’ll give you an honest view of the right software product - even if we don’t have it.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your requirements.

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