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Advance IT Group Ltd - Developers of bespoke software

Software & App creation for computer, mobile and the Internet

Advance IT Group - Bespoke software and Web Applications
Advance IT's designers and programmers create software and apps for computer, mobile and the Internet. From small concerns to multinational businesses and the public sector. Our wealth of experience applies to any industry or organisation.

We are a European wide IT Company based in the UK offering a comprehensive range of IT products developed from 1990 onwards.

We have many years of experience, long term customer relationships and designs winning both national UK and local West Midlands awards giving you independent assurance of customer satisfaction, value for money and a job well done.

We have invested heavily in our software and our IT infrastructures, combined with the services of partners who are leaders in their respective fields, to deliver a quality of service, nationally and internationally, for products created and supplied by Advance IT Group Limited to our clients around the globe.

With offices in Birmingham and London, we have an almost 20 year history in producing complex bespoke software solutions and products for a wide range of clients.

Some of our completed solutions include:

Lone Worker Protection
From the success of the Text-In service, we have built the range of LONEALERT products to ensure that we can meet the requirements of different people, with varying technical capabilities, distinct job roles facing different levels of risk, all working within various industries.

Team Work Smart
Team Work Smart is a group of integrated modules or Bricks, each fulfilling a business function, process or workflow. They can be used stand alone or combined one at a time to build the perfect, tailored business system for your business. Unlike a lot of business systems, Team Work Smart is quick to implement and roll-out, at minimal cost and disruption.

Recruitment Software
Complex solution for a multi-site, multi-discipline recruitment organization, which was a complete bespoke solution to power their entire business processes.

Sizing Guides
For manufacturing organisations to all clients to easily specific and select the required product mode from a range of thousands. Currently used by a number of international organisations.

Video Asset Library
Track and maintain a library of marketing media distributed internationally.

Mobile Applications
A number of app developments have been completed to exact customer requirements.

Plus many other solutions that have all benefitted our clients by delivering the exact solution there business requires.

Advance IT Group Ltd and Advance IT Solution Ltd are owned by a number of shareholders, who were clients of Advance IT Group Ltd, before selling their business for several million pounds to E.On. This gives us excellent financial stability and backing.

On a day to day business, the business is run by Directors Stewart Braznell and Clive Wheawall, with support from an experienced team of Managers and staff, drawn from a diverse background to bring the skills needed to ensure our customers receive the best possible products and customer support.

We trust you will find the information you need within our site, but we are just a call away should you want personalized assistance and support to address your needs.

Contact Details

You can contact us at:

Birmingham Office:
Operations & Stores

Advance IT Group Limited

Birmingham Office

Advance House,
9 Waterfall Lane Trading Estate,
Old Hill,
B64 6PU,
United Kingdom.

+44 (0)121 501 2288
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London Office

London Office:
Southern Area Sales

8 Stucley Place,
Camden Town,
NW1 8NS.

+44 (0)207 096 3753

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Reasons to work with us

  • User Friendly

    We at Advance IT Group pride our self’s on being user friendly, being the expert has responsibilities. That’s why it’s our role to help you understand the power and potential in what we do and how it can impact you organisation.

  • Our Skills

    All the members of our team are highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. The systems and processes we use are designed to hold your hand if need and run at pace when required.

  • Our Flexibility

    Our multi language abilities ensure we can integrate your needs across any platform on any device. All this ability is in house and under our control this helps us tailor every element to fit you the customer

  • Support & Training

    Long after it’s all up and running we will still be there supporting, communicating and looking forward. If it breaks we’ll fix it, our mission is to help our customer understand where they are today and the next step along the digital highway.

Advance IT Group Limited

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Bespoke Software & Data Integrators

Advance IT Groups’ designers and programmers create software and apps for computer, mobile and the Internet. From small concerns to multi-national business and the public sector, our wealth of experience and range of products apply to any industry or organisation.

We have many years of experience with long term customer relationships. Our designs winning both national and regional awards. This gives you an independent assurance of customer satisfaction and a job well done.

Mobile & Internet App Development

Our products are developed in the UK and used internationally and as a company we have been building our comprehensive range of solutions for two decades.

Listening to our customers and producing products in line with their needs has resulted in us having a wide range of products that benefit clients and companies in various ways. These products have been placed into the product families (Care Family, Visibility Family, Management Family, Efficiency Family) you see above.

If you require further information on any of our products and services we will
be more than happy to discuss your requirements, contact us now for a quote

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