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Building powerful solutions to drive digital transformation.

Developing software, hardware, integrations, IoT and life critical solutions from conception to delivery.

We are Advance IT

We are driven by solving problems for our customers through a user centric approach to product innovation and software development by completely understanding the business needs before building anything.

Where would you like to go?

Discover more about our solutions and brands.

Bespoke software development

Custom software designed to meet your business requirements.

Low Code Platform

A drag-and-drop environment that’s intuitive, quick turnaround, cost effective and easy to use.

Team Work Smart

A simple, paperless stack system for small businesses.


How long would it take for you to notice if something happened to your lone workers?

We use the
latest technologies.

We partner with businesses; translating their objectives into workable, objective lead, revenue generating and process improving software solutions.


PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap, Python, Rust, SQL, Delphi, LAMP.


Google API, Open API, Dev Ops.


iOS, android, Windows Mobile, website


Microsoft Graph, Google API, SSO, MFA.

Why choose us?

Highly skilled, passionate, knowledgeable, accessible and experienced with a commitment to 100% project completion. 

A talented team of developers, Chartered Engineers, Chartered Managers, Chartered Marketers and MBA, we can intrinsically understand the needs of your business. We are able to assess processes, requirements and needs to produce software that help you improve efficiency, effectiveness and give your business a competitive edge.

Technology First Adopters

Innovation is at the core of our practice. We use the latest tools and technology to build our software and are highly experienced with complex integrations utilising APIs.

Agile Development

We deliver work in small, but consumable increments. Our agile approach of design, develop, test and feedback ensures we deliver value to our customers faster and with fewer problems.

Small projects to multinational businesses

Our projects have varied from small utilities to solve one particular problem a business faced, to systems managing 100's of staff and touching many functional areas.

UI/UX Design

The front facing part of any software is just as important as the backend. We excel in creating excellent User Interfaces to create an instant attraction, whilst developing an outstanding User Experience to ensure a lasting impact on your users’ mind to increase brand loyalty.

Improving customer experience and ROI with low code platforms.

Combining low code platforms with bespoke solutions gives a faster, flexible, easier to use and a more cost effective solution for businesses that are looking to improve their customer experience and business interactions.

Solving problems with bespoke development

A team of highly skilled experts in coding, we specialise in solving problems not just providing bespoke software.


Lone workers protected through our life critical software.


Social housing
properties serviced.

0 M

Geo locations managed in
the past 12 months.

0 yrs

Experience developing quality software solutions.

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Building advanced technical solutions

Advance IT Solutions Ltd is a subsidary of Advance IT Group Ltd.

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